Warmth Is Where the Heart Is!

Thinking about moving from your long term home can be confusing, frustrating and physically draining. How many of you were ready to pull the plug and move to that warm destination you’ve always had in the back of your mind. You know what I am talking about. Remember back just a few months to March when it felt like we may be entering a new ice age? Think back to your state of mind when you made the statement that this will be the last winter you will ever suffer through in Wisconsin. How soon our mind changes when circumstances do a 360. Where are those feelings now when it is absolutely gorgeous outside with the sun shining, leaves on the trees and warmth in the air? Notice that winter has left your mind replaced by a walk in the sun and purchasing flowers to plant in your garden.

We want the best for our family as well as for our own peace of mind. However, where you live is so critical to your physical and mental well-being. The decision to sell your home and move to your new destination is so important and must be thought out completely before that change is made. You’ve heard the expression, “Count to 10 before you speak”. I would suggest counting to at least 60 days before making one of the most important decisions of your life.

A while back my parents decided to move to Phoenix to get away from our tough winters and bask in the sun about 350 days a year. They worked hard and decided it was ‘their time’. My wife and I were sad because we had two children who loved to be with their grandparents and this would put separation between them. There was no ‘facetime’ on an ipad back then so the phone would be their new connection. I remember watching mom and dad drive away and how significant that moment would be in all of our lives.

They lived in Phoenix for five years, and we did visit each year. I bet you can guess what happened next. The phone rang and mom sounded so excited. “We are moving back to be with our grandchildren!”My heart exploded with happiness and we were going to be reunited once again.

The move for my parents was costly in many ways. My father was still working and the relocation impacted his business in a negative way. He lost many of his clients and never fully recovered from that loss of income. My mother confessed that her time in Arizona was spent lamenting about the loss of her grandchildren’s closeness and every day contact. She was unhappy while my dad enjoyed the sun. In the end, they never regretted moving back to our rather challenging winters.

The point of this article is to watch out for emotional impromptu decisions when thinking about a move from your long time home. If your home is truly not meeting your physical and emotional needs, a move is probably the right decision to make. But WHERE you move is what this article is about. It is great to feel that sun and warmth, but take that scenario to the next level. Close your eyes and meditate on how it would feel to be in your new location for the long term, not just for the immediate gratification. What would each day look and feel like. How would you enjoy the heat in summer months in your new warm weather climate if you could not afford to spend those months back in Wisconsin. What would it feel like to have a ipad/phone relationship with your loved ones. How does it feel to begin a new life and meet new people without the long-term roots of friendship and family.

I am not advocating perpetual living in our state. I am only echoing many of my client’s decisions to move and then receive a call to start looking for a home here in the Greater Milwaukee area as they have decided to come back to their roots and families. Take your time with your decision as to where your next home will be. Make sure your new location matches who you really are and what life holds for you. For many, the children have moved away and moving to a warm weather climate makes all the sense in the world. For others, family is here and moving away may be traumatic and difficult.

Seasons change, people change, but one thing remains constant…winter will always relent to spring. Yes this last winter was one for the ages. I too said many times, “why am I giving up half my life to this cold and lack of sun”. But after that rant I think about what it would be to be away from my five beautiful grandsons, my two daughters, brothers and sister, mother and friends. Warmth is truly where the heart is!