Thinking of a Move…Know Thyself!

When I think about subject matter for my next article I always try to convey what I am hearing from many of my clients. As you know by now, I specialize in helping you boomers and your parents transition from a long time home to a senior community, condo, or senior apartment complex. I often hear about the difficulties in deciding on a move to a new lifestyle. The toughest decision is where to move! There are so many options but finding the right home is the challenge.

Let’s begin by getting to the core issues of moving away from your best friend…your home. It is important to establish your motivation for making such an important transition. I just left the home from a wonderful couple in their early 70’s. We discussed the process of a move, the value of their home and any possible improvements needed before putting their cape cod on the market. As we talked about their move it seemed that their reason for moving was not clear to them. Both told me how much they loved their neighbors and the advantages of living in a neighborhood that they have enjoyed for many years. The main reason for the thought of moving was the maintenance of their home. Their biggest worry was grass cutting and snow removal. They were contemplating a move to a condominium. I suggested they consider hiring out to take care of outside maintenance. If they would purchase a condominium, the fee for maintenance in most condo complexes would exceed the cost of hiring out for their lawn and snow maintenance. Their bedroom was on the main floor so steps were not an issue. In the end, they realized they loved where they live and there was no reason to move!

Getting to the why is always important. Yes, it may be time to move. Knowing the reasons why you are moving is critical to a successful move. If you are unsure about your reason for changing your address, you may find yourself making the wrong decision and then be faced with another move. When thinking of purchasing a condominium, know thyself. Are you a private person wanting to enjoy your gardening and having space from your neighbors? Do you do well with rules and regulations which are the cornerstone of condominium living. Condominium bylaws are a set of directives as to what you can or can’t do when living in a condominium complex. Examples of these rules; pet limitations, exterior maintenance, how many parking spaces, and other rules and regulations all must follow. This type of living works for so many folks after living in their long-time home. But for some others this type of living is too invasive.  That is why it is critical to understand who you are and what lifestyle you seek.

Senior apartments work for many others. In an apartment or senior community, you have no maintenance worries. Parking is usually underground. In many communities there are activities and accommodations for transportation. There are several types of senior lifestyles to choose from. Some have continuum of care for later health challenges so that another move will never be needed. Others are for independent living only with no services which are typically over 55 communities. Some have independent and assisted living. Basically these options would offer aging in place with no other move needed. Prices vary based on services provided.

In summary, understanding the why will lead to the how and where. Take time to truly look deep inside and understand your reasons for a change in address. In some cases you may determine that home sweet home is the best place to live for some time. For others a move to a condominium or senior apartment may be the best choice. Follow your gut and as I said know thyself. The best person to decide what is best for your current and future needs… you!