Taking the Journey

Photo by  Michael Coury  on  Unsplash

Before I begin this article, I want to thank all of you for sharing your comments and stories with me so that my information is timely, meaningful and helpful. I have had the privilege to share my articles with you for the last 13 years and hope to connect with you for many years to come! I want to wish all of you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

The definition of journey is a passage from one place to another. When I think about the transition from your long-time home to a condo, apartment or senior community, the definition of journey fits right in. I see this move as an expedition, like a voyage from the home you have loved for so many years to a place somewhat unknown. In any journey there is excitement, trepidation, curiosity and change. The emotional aspects are common to all of us. Going from a know to an unknown takes us from comfort or a safe feeling to an uneasy and somewhat difficult place. These ill at ease emotions lead to procrastination and delay from the move that can improve our lifestyles. The logical portion of our brain tells us that now is the time to make this change, but our anxiety and fear can take over and reject our common sense. If you relate to what I have just described, you are a healthy normal human being!

When we consider any excursion to a destination unfamiliar, the first thing we do is it talk to those we know and trust to see if they have found a destination they were pleased with. We want to know if they found the experience to be fulfilling, safe and meeting their expectations. We then discuss it with our partner or family to see if this matches a destination which would meet our dreams and desires.

Once we make our decision to move forward, we then seek council from a professional to help guide us so that we make the best choices. We want affordability, quality, safety, and some assurance that this trip will meet our goals for enjoyment and fulfillment. The specialist we have chosen to help guide us to our destination must understand our needs and listen, listen, listen. Together we then get our finances in order to pay for this excursion and choose the most convenient day to leave and return. There is always some anxiety and trepidation before leaving and of course the packing and details that must be done before leaving. As our odyssey gets closer, we are filled with excitement, some worry and that little doubt before leaving. Did we make the right decision?

We push forward and put our fate in the hands of our faith that we did all we could to make our trip successful. We did our homework and now it is time to let go and take in the wonder and joy or our journey to the destination we choose.

Sound familiar?  You must first know thyself. That is the very first step to a successful move. Understand what your goals are to find the right housing to meet your current and future needs.

When thinking of moving from the home you have loved for so many years, the process of searching for your new home and location is quite like the above travel to an unfamiliar destination. You will need to research, prepare and know what will fit who you are today, both physically and mentally. Your Senior Real Estate Specialist will guide you through the process just as your travel agent for vacation. We as specialists can help you prepare for the move as well as work with you on the timing of selling and move date.

Ask friends and family about others who have embarked on the journey you are considering. Visit them in their new home and ask many questions about how they made the move. Are they happy about the choice they made and how did they prepare for their move from their long-time home. What challenges did they overcome and how did they do it?

Next go out and view the many choices of housing options offered. There are one level condominiums, new apartment buildings, and wonderful senior communities. There are more choices today than ever before.

It is time to talk to your financial advisor, accountant or family members to determine what you can afford. Just like in your vacation, you will determine what you can afford monthly so that your money will last. You want to take into consideration the costs involved in the move, how much you will spend for your new housing and what monies are in savings to support your new living situation.

Now that you have done your homework and decided on your new home and when you can move in, you begin the process of putting your home on the market. That is why I urge all of you to know the value of your current home now and begin to do any improvements, especially major updates such as basement repair, furnace, painting etc. Don’t wait for the time you find your new destination. Try to take as much off your plate as possible so that when you decide on you new home you will not be overwhelmed by the necessary preparation needed.

Leaving your home is like leaving your best friend. The memories will always be there. When it is time to go on your journey to a new destination you can rest assured you have done all you can by checking in with those who have traveled before you. You looked at your finances to keep the move within your budget. You prepared your home prior to the move. The journey will be successful and timely if you make it that way. If you leave all to chance, you most likely will not move at all and wonder what that journey would have been like if you had made the decision to prepare and research. This is a relatively short life and every minute counts. If a move is in your future, don’t wait for fate to decide when and where you will move. Crisis management leads to chaos and chaos leads to an unpleasant and uncomfortable journey to a destination not meeting your dreams and desires. The options are there for you, but it is up to you and you only to decide what is right for you. Know thyself and be honest with yourself. Do all you can to enjoy the time you have on our precious Earth!