I can't sell my home!

I Can't Sell My House!! "I can't sell my house." I have heard this from so many seniors in the last two years. The majority of folks who truly believe that a successful sale cannot be achieved have never actually put their home on the market! I have always said it is not what people do but why they do it. It is the "why" behind the action that must be examined.

No matter what the market conditions, homes will sell. They sold in the 80's when interest rates were up to 17% and they sold last year after the economic tsunami. The only factor that changes with each market is the price of the home. Prices have fallen, but only 10% in some areas, and 15-20% in other areas. The right way to look at your home investment is to remember what you paid when you purchased your home and what it is worth today. Those homeowners who have lived in their homes for thirty to fifty years have seen their properties increase, in many cases, by ten times. So, why then are so many people focused on the 10-20% drop in prices over the last five years, and why are they ignoring the ten-fold increase from purchase to current prices?

I believe it is because we dislike change. We will find any reason we can to avoid new surroundings, even if our new home will offer comfort, safety, and interaction with others. For many of us, a familiar bad situation trumps a new unfamiliar one. So, the statement "I can't sell my home" fits right into that avoidance syndrome. This excuse will pacify our children who want us to move. It will keep us in our familiar setting for a few more years until a health change may dictate a very quick and untimely move.

Homes are selling! They always have and always will. A successful sale and move will happen if you truly want to better your situation. Once you decide that a move to a senior community, condo, or apartment is the right choice, all will fall into place. A Senior Real Estate Specialist will guide you all the way from preparing your home for market to coordinating your closing and move to your new home. Interest rates are at historic lows, there is an $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers, a $6,500 tax credit for owners of homes (they must have lived in the home for five of the last eight years) and prices are affordable. With these factors favoring buyers, we are starting to see multiple offers on well-prepared and well-priced homes.

Therefore, "my home won't sell" is an excuse that may keep you from moving but, in many cases, may also keep you where you shouldn't be. If your home is no longer working for you and not matching your health situation, have the courage and conviction to make your move and enjoy the rest of your years in safety, comfort, and in an environment that allows you to connect with others. There is an old joke I'm reminded of. I think Jack Benny is famous for this one:

A robber approached an older adult and says, "Your money or your life!" The senior retorts, "Take my life, I'm saving for old age!"

Enjoy your life to its fullest. Only you can change your attitude and be proactive to advocate for a very important person ... you!