Over the past 30 years I have been asked repeatedly by seniors and their children, “When is the right time to sell my home?” and “Now that we’ve decided to, what next? — Where are resources for helping seniors move?” These questions inspired me to write two books.

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Whether you are a boomer or a senior, these books will be invaluable tools in selecting the best path to a new lifestyle.

Guiding Our Parents in the Right Direction: 

Real life examples to help you better understand what your parents are going through and how to best assist them. This is particularly helpful for those of you who wrestle with the notion that you aren’t doing enough to help your parents.

My new book, Guiding Our Parents in the Right Direction is for those of you in the boomer generation who are faced with mom and dad moving from their long time home. My first book, Moving in the Right Direction, is written specifically for seniors. Each book contains a toolbox full of helpful information, resources and action steps. These books work in concert providing the family with a complete roadmap to a successful transition.

The answer to “Should I move?” varies depending upon who’s asking but most often my response is, “There is no perfect time, but if you’re asking the question, the time is near,” Sometimes this question comes from the senior, but as often it’s coming from the child of a senior who’s trying to help mom or dad move forward into a new lifestyle, possibly a senior living community.


Moving in the Right Direction

Specific, usable, and thorough information for Seniors to take them through the transition process step by step in the least intimidating way possible.

As a specialist in the area of senior’s real estate, I frequently speak to groups about those confronted with the dilemma of seniors transitioning into a new lifestyle. Like you, they are overwhelmed with the complexity of that decision and stressed thinking about the tasks required in putting a plan into action especially the conversation with their loved ones about moving.

And then there’s the downsizing! Add to that the reality that folks from your parents’ generation are reluctant to ask for help, even from their own children, and you have a notable challenge to overcome.

My first book, Moving in the Right Direction, takes seniors through the transition process step by step in the least intimidating way possible.


Thank you for a great presentation on older adult transitions. Finding freedom from home upkeep and making time for fun....

Posted by Ellie Mixter-Keller on Sunday, March 6, 2016